Proposed by CESI member of Network "n+i"

Organized by: CESI Paris
Domains: Smart CitiesConstructionSustainable DevelopmentWastes
Duration: 2 weeks
Dates: 8-19 July 2024
Available language:
Required french level: Aucun
Required english level: B2
Required level of studies: Aucun
Nature of certification: 3 ECTS

CESI Paris: 93 Bd de la Seine, 92000 Nanterre

Training description

Attend a three-week program in France to develop and enhance your knowledge of BIM for sustainable construction, the future of Smart Cities.
Visit our campus in Paris-Nanterre. 

It mainly revolves around BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Smart Building. Project: - BIM for sustainable construction Project
- Fablab 3D, AR/VR
- Practical work at the wastewater treatment plant La Cité de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement (Impacts of climate change on urban water management)
- Diving into Parisian architecture: from the depths to the summits
- Fresque du climat ’ initiative
- Conference and workshop on biomimetics
- Tour to Paris one month before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games
- Visit to the Louis Vuitton Foundation
- Agenda for visits and cultural discoveries of France: gastronomy, fashion, art and traditions

Admissions: 1 000 Euros per person, including taxes

  • This price includes tuition fees, teaching materials and cultural visits. Accommodation, living expenses, insurance and visa fees are not included.
  • A group rate is available on request for groups of 5 or more people.


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