Different "n+i" integration packages

"n+i" Path to success

To boost the success of foreign students in France Engineering institutions often recommend that students follow the "n+i" Path to success programmes.

These integration packages help students to solve problems related to welcome, linguistic adaptation and methodological preparation in order to give them the best chance to successfully integrate their engineering training in France.

The "n+i" Path to success cover: welcome at the airport, insurance, accommodation, transfers, refresher courses of French lessons and help with methodology at the first semester to familiarise students with teaching and learning methods (note taking, relations with teachers, writing reports, oral presentation, personal work etc.).

There are three types of packages, each with a separate objective:

The "Methodology" package is included in the course and require no extra time.

If the engineering institution wishes to strengthen the student's preparation over a less intensive period, the institution may request that the student attend a Foundation Year instead of the PIL and PIM packages.

This n+i preparation period adds one year to the institution's training. It consists of linguistic and methodological preparation. The student's admission to the engineering institution is conditional on the successful completion of this programme.

The Welcome & Discovery, Linguistic, Methodology Integration Packages, and Foundation year are designed to boost foreign student's performance and to adapt to new culture. They are offered by Network "n+i" on behalf of the institutions, to help students.

Important: Students who fail the first year may be excluded from the programme or required to reset the first year. This is a traumatic situation for both students and teachers. Network n+i seeks to ensure that all students settle in well.

The Network "n+i" and the "n+i" member institutions therefore takes the initiative to enroll students on the packages that it deems key to the student's success.

Participation in these packages is not at the student's option, the institution's training is offered on condition that the specified success pathway is achieved by the student.

Enrollment in the engineering institution may be jeopardized if the student has not followed the n+i package planned for a successful adaptation.

In some cases, a request for a package exemption may be examined by a committee consisting of the engineering institution and Network n+i. The conditions for requesting an exemption are specified on the pages for each of n+i package.

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