Welcome and Discovery Package

Welcome and guidance

Network "n+i" representatives have everything planned for your arrival, administrative formalities and welcome to France.

The Welcome and Discovery Package provide assistance for the entirety of your studies.

Are included the following services:

  1. Welcome at Paris airport
    • A representative of "n+i" will meet you at Paris airport and assist you.
    • Assistance phone number (24h/24)
    • A personal insurance, health, civil liability and repatriation (up to 30 September of the year of arrival)
    • Welcome bag, including pre-charged phone cards to call home and reassure friends and family
    • An assistance throughout your studies by the "n+i" correspondent in your school, participation to "n+i" events, advice, jobs or internship offers.
  2. Discovery of Paris
    • 1 night 
    • Enjoy Paris, and discover the city of lights (tourism in Paris area included)
  3. Transfers
    • Transfer from the airport
    • Transfer to centers PIL, PIM or school included

Luggage is limited per person and any excess will mean we have to charge you for extra transport.

There's no need to worry about arriving with lots of cash. Everything is prepaid! You will only have to pay for your meals (3-4€ at university restaurant).

You constantly have contact with a "n+i" representative who can answer all your questions.

Cost of "n+i" programmes 

Relinquishment of the Welcome and Discovery Package

Students may, for personal and exceptional reasons, ask to forgo the Welcome and Discovery Package.

In this case, students will not benefit from welcome, insurance or transfer services or assistance during studies in France and will not have access to placement or job offers.

Exemption from the Welcome and Discovery Package

The Welcome and Discovery Package, the PIM and the PIL make up a complete integration package.

Requests for exemption from the welcome service (e.g. student with family in France) should be sent to “student” department at the "n+i" network before the session 3 response (deadline).

  • The exemption must be confirmed by the host school and Network "n+i".
  • In the event of “non-welcome" by "n+i", students will not be insured until they arrive at the training centres (French language training or schools), by their own means, on the dates indicated by "n+i"!