Package of Methodology Integration (PIM)

A period of adaptation without extra time

The Package of Methodology Integration provides training on academic methods as well as language training and will help students feel more confident about teaching methods in France.

The PIM course is part of the engineering course which takes place at the beginning of the Master's degree (first semester).
It therefore does not extend the study period of the degree.

The PIM is organised by the Network "n+i" and is designed especially for international students.

The Package of “Methodology Integration” is part of the course and as such, the school decides which package students should follow (complete or local), if at all.

Students taking one of the Package of Methodology Integration (who therefore have little knowledge of the French system) must also take the Welcome and Discovery Package (included: the personal welcome and assistance for the duration of the studies).

Two different PIM are proposed by engineering schools.

The shared (PIM) Package of Methodology Integration

This programme is part of the engineering course (worth 30 ECTS credits). Foreign students are not mixed with French students at this stage.
Lessons are in small groups taught in French but tailored specifically for non French natives. Students are permitted to ask questions in English and receive answers in English and to use study materials in English or their native language.
Students are tutored on a one-to-one basis and can seek help with their lodgings, administrative registrations, bank accounts, visas etc. as well as academic guidance.

The shared Package of “Methodology Integration” is for students at M1 level only for Master's degree course only.

Shared PIM Programme

The period is divided into two parts (1 semester, 30 ECTS credits):
Part 1: (September to December) 10 weeks, with 24 hours of lessons per week, totalling 240 hours of lessons (which equates to 26 ECTS credits).
To increase efficiency and reduce costs, this programme may be common to several schools for the same topic. For Part 1, the course may be run in a different establishment to the one where students will follow the rest of the degree course (all transport and facilities are organised).
Part II: (January to February) from 2 to 6 weeks (4 ECTS credits) depending on the establishment,period of adaptation in the school in which you will study for your degree. A period of adaptation with the students at your school. Students can follow lessons and laboratory practicals with French students to familiarise themselves with the study schedule and become a part of the group.

The shared PIM replaces the M1 Period 1 defined by the school. The shared PIM is adapted and therefore different to the M1a programme described by the school.

The local (PIM) Package of Methodology Integration

Students who are both proficient in French and familiar with France may begin their course directly with the French students in their chosen school but still have access to personal tutoring and help.

This package offers students regular lessons with French students:

  • personal welcome to the school,
  • Special tuition from teachers (adapted to needs, in French, science and technology) during the first semester of the course. Students are supported both academically and psychologically,
  • Fellow students provide mentoring during the first semester. This enables students to revise lessons and exercises together and to settle in at the school.
  • Bilingual documents are provided to help understanding.
  • English or French as Foreign Language (FLE) courses

Note: Accommodation and living expenses are not included in the n+i packages.

Cost of "n+i" programmes 

Exemption from the Package of Methodology Integration (PIM)

PIM exemption procedure

There are two types of “Methodology Integration” Package (PIM) Shared or Local.

  1. The Methodology Integration Package is part of the course and as such, the school decides which package students should follow (complete or local).
  2. Only the "n+i" school is authorised to exempt a student from the “Methodology integration” package, on the basis of its own criteria. The school informs the "n+i" network who will notify of the student's decision.
  3. The PIM is included in the course, it is not added on as extra lessons. Students who are exempt will therefore follow an “ordinary” semester with the French students to replace the “Methodology Integration” Package.
  4. To be totally exempt from the “Methodology Integration” Package, students must:
    • Case 1: prove they are proficient in French to a high level and are well prepared for studies in France (have at least the DALF certificate).
    • Case 2: have already passed a pre-Master integration course in France or abroad (with cooperation agreement).

Students exempt from the PIM join the course with the French students in September. They receive no particular assistance. However, the length of the course remains the same.

Of course, the cost of the “Methodology Integration” Package will be deducted from the invoice total.