Post-Master's programme

What is it ?

“Post-master“ degrees were developed to meet the companies' growing demand in hiring highly skilled graduates with specific expertise to fulfil positions in highly specialised areas. They ensure a solid professional experience as well as the soundness and the technical quality of the programmes

Find out how the Post-Master Degree offers a tremendous springboard for your future working career.

Aims of the programme

Providing students with a high level specialisation based upon clearly established business needs and requirements, therefore acquiring a recognised expertise on the job market.
Allowing foreign students to get a degree after a professional training in a French top-tier school.

Duration and credits

It is a set of specific vocationally-oriented full or part-time courses. The duration of the training programme shall in no event be shorter than two semesters over an average duration of 12 months (up to 24 months). 
The number of ECTS « Post-Master » credits delivered is 75 (minimum) to 90 according to the duration of the training course.
Most Post-Master courses are taught in English but a minimum level of French at the end of the course will be required as an indication of cultural immersion in France. 


The course must fulfil a certain number of requirements, including in particular:

  1. a minimum B2 level of English is required, C1 being a preferable option, and certified by an external exam;
  2. a minimum B1 level of French is required for foreign students at the end of the Post-Master degree (B2 preferable option) ;
  3. the duration of the course is of a minimum of 2 semesters up to 3 semesters (except in duly justified exceptional cases);
  4. the course includes a mandatory training period in a company.

Please note a Post-Master Degree itself does not allow to register for a doctorate


Post-Master is aimed at both French and foreign students who:

  1. have graduated from an engineering school authorised by the Engineering Education Commission (CTI) as defined by French Law (as an example: members of the “n+i “Netwok", "n+" Master or "i" Master).
  2. hold a Masters degree or equivalent and acknowledged by the French schools concerned,
  3. have completed a 1st year Master course (M1) and can provide proof of adequate professional experience (3 years, submitted to the decision of the school).

To be eligible for a Post Master's degree course, the student has to provide justification that he has at least a Master's degree or equivalent

Given the image of excellence it projects as well as its attractiveness on an international scale, the recruiting process has been extended to foreign engineering masters or equivalent degree (subject to the French school's decision)

The various French designations for the « Post-Master » degree

Post-Masters degrees designations offered by French schools members of the "n+i" Network vary according to the authorisation structures:

  • Diplome d'ingénieur de specialisation for the Engineering Education Commission (CTI (Commission des Titres d'ingénieurs),
  • Mastères Spécialisés Programmes for the CGE (Conference of Grandes Ecoles) (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles).

All have the same English « Post-Masters » translation as the indispensable requirement for access to the programme is the completion of a Master's Degree or equivalent.

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