Bachelor's programme

A Bachelor degree in 3 years+

With this unique programme, applicants with a degree of Secondary Education and a beginner level in French, can apply for a Bachelor Degree in France with full n+i assistance.

Application possible for programmes proposed by "n+i" institutions

Aims of the programme

The program aims at offering undergraduate and graduate studies opportunities to international students at the member institutions of the "n+i" consortium.

Relevant training programs

A three-year training program leading to a Bachelor degree. This degree is awarded by the institution and recognized and labelled by the French State as a quality training program.

The Bachelor training program is of a professional nature and must allow entry into the professional environment as it must allow to continue towards an Engineering degree (Master degree) after two additional years.

Eligibility: entry level

In general, students must provide proof of a French Baccalaureate level and hold the diploma from their country of origin, when applicable, which certifies the successful completion of secondary studies.

A degree of Secondary Education (or more), as for exemple: French Baccalauréat (France), HuiKAO (GaoKAO not compulsory) for China, Grade 12 high school (Higher Secondary Certificate not compulsory) for India, Bachillerato in Mexico etc.

Note that it is possible to enroll directly for an integrated 5 years master programme from the same entry level

Requirement for international students

French Language: the required level is a B2 level in French to join the Bachelor programme in 3 years.

Students with a A2 level in French can join a 1-year foundation period, to prepare and enter the Bachelor programme.

Duration and credits

The total duration of the programme is a minimum of 3 years leading to a bachelor degree with 180 ECTS.

Organization of the training program

The program is organized in two parts:

  • A foundation year intended to strengthen knowledge of the French language, any necessary scientific fundamentals, the learning methodology in France and to prepare students for good integration.
  • A three or five year course (depending on the course chosen) carried out in a French school.