"n+i" services for companies

Tailor-made services

On behalf of its member engineering institutions, Network "n+i" offers a full service package, adjustable according to needs of the partner companies.

A platform to spread internship offers

French and foreign students of Network "n+i" engineering institutes can consult internship offers from partners companies via the "n+i" website.

Application files (motivations, personal and professional project, etc.) are controlled and validated by the student's engineering institute before dissemination within the company.

A tailor-made partnership according to your needs

    The partner:

    • chooses the training programme that best meets its needs,
    • selects one or a few students that it wants to support via a database of validated applications files,
    • selects the host French engineering insitutions and / or the university of origin,
    • determines its financial support amount,
    • defines with Network "n+i" the type of coaching wanted for the student: VIP welcome, tutoring, cultural, linguistic and methodological integration packages (PIC, PIL, PIM), meeting with the company, etc.,
    • records the type of partnership it wishes (sponsorship or other).

    An individualized coaching

    The “Path to Success” preparatory programmes facilitate the student's integration into French academic life:

    • Cultural Integration Package (PIC): Personal assistance and follow-up from the arrival in France (welcome, insurances, bank, accommodation, transfers) up to the graduation,
    • Linguistic Integration Package (PIL): Intensive French courses in France before the engineering training,
    • Methodological Integration Package (PIM): A period of methodological, academic and linguistic adaptation as a part of the engineering training.

    A large panel of courses

    The 50 engineering institutions members of Network "n+i", located in more than 40 French cities, offer courses covering all disciplines of engineering sciences, ranging from Aerospace and Civil Engineering to Cybernetics, Food processing industry, Chemical and Electrical Engineering.

    A supervised selection process

    The "n+i" staff controls and validates application files online. Then, applicants are interviewed one or several times (via Skype or at the occasion of missions in the country). 
    Finally, engineering institutions make use of all information available to select candidates.

    A single database

    More than 500 students' applications of 70 different nationalities are available online every year. The "n+i" database helps to identify an engineer-student according to various criteria: country of origin, target countries, field of study, etc.