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During the whole day of March 10th, 2023 the n+i team was present to answer any question you had (in English and French).

Thank you for the quality of your questions which allowed us to discuss more in details the subject of this webinar dedicated to "Engineering studies in France".

Here you can watch the recording of the open day webinar session of March 10, 2023

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Session 4 application is opened

Network "n+i" will propose an adapted specific assistance depending of the student academic background.

- With a Secondary Education degree: students can apply for a Bachelor or Diplôme d'Ingénieur in 5 years+(master grade) with a "n+i" foundation period. - With a Bachelor degree: students can apply for a master programme in 2 years with a "n+i" path to success packages. - With a Master degree: students can apply for a Post-Master programmes in 1 year, with if needed, a "n+i" path to success package.

Students must complete the procedure of application on before May 21th, 2023.

Academic selection results will be given on June 6th, 2023.

This the last session for this year to start your academic training on September 2023. 

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