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Mrs Béatrice Kahiat, General Managing Director of Campus France, invites international students to confirm their project of study in France. Visa procedure are opened with a priority procedure for students.   

Mr Jacques Fayolle, President of Conference of Deans of French Schools of Engineering (CDEFI); explains how the french institutions have preprared themselves to welcome international students in engineering training programs.  

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Cooperation agreement with KMITL - Thailand

After more than two years of discussions, the Network "n+i" is pleased to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with one of Thailand's most prestigious universities: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology in Ladkrabang (KMITL). 

This University, initially established as an Institute in 1960 and having for a long time enjoyed strong support from the Japanese government and institutions, acquired its technological credentials by developing a Faculty of Engineering with no less than ten departments, a Faculty of Science with six departments and a Faculty of Agriculture with seven departments.

In other words, all the sectors concerned by our schools find their equivalent at KMITL. The signed cooperation agreement opens the way to traditional mobility exchanges as well as specific bilateral agreements for interested "n+i" schools.

Discussions are under way to initiate tripartite double degree agreements of Bachelor / Engineering Degree according to the 3+1+1 and 3+1+2 schemes.

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Cooperation agreement with Chandigarh University – state of Punjab – India

Thanks to the contacts established on the occasion of the "Choose France Tour" organized by the team of Campus France and the French Institute in India in September 2019, the Network "n+i" was able to finalize the discussions initiated on this occasion to sign a cooperation agreement with Chandigarh University.

Chandigarh University is a prestigious private institution located in the state of Punjab known for its historical and cultural treasures. This relatively young institution received its university rank in 2012 and since then has welcomed more than 13,000 students in a range of departments covering a wide range of engineering specialties.

Open to the world by welcoming students from more than 30 countries, Chandigarh University wishes to develop its relations with European countries, including France, hence its diligence in establishing close relationships with the member institutions of Network "n+i".

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Opening of "n+i" application on August 3rd, 2020

The new campaign for registration is now opened, the deadline for Session 1 is november 11th 2020.

Applying to Network n+i will make you benefit from:

a wide choice of academic programmes: 500 study programmes proposed by 50 engineering institutes a simple registration procedure : one single application for 50 institutes a complete set of coaching programmes adapted to your academic project in France

Network "n+i" will propose an adapted specific assistance depending of the student academic background

Examples of "n+i" study projects: - With a Secondary Education degree: students can apply for a Dipôme d'Ingénieur in 5 years+ (master grade) with a "n+i" foundation period. - With a Bachelor degree: students can apply for a master programme in 2 years with a "n+i" path to success packages. - With a Master degree: students can apply for a Post-Master programmes in 1 year, with if needed, a "n+i" path to success package.

More information on all "n+i" study programmes here: various "n+i" programmes

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