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Mrs Deni Endriani (Thesis Student);  Mr Revalin HERDIANTO (Vice Director for Academic Affairs) and Mr Ihsan LUMASA RIMRA (Head of International Affairs) were present to this visit and were welcomed by Mr Georges SANTINI (Executive Director of Network n+i), and Mr Jean Pierre TROTIGNON (Counsellor to Executive Directorof Network n+i).

This public institution was created in 1987, it has three departments in Civil Engineering; Mechanics and Electronics which offer four-year Bachelor level training programs in four areas (i) Civil engineering, (ii) Electrical engineering, (iii) Information technology and (iv) mechanical engineering.

France receives very few Indonesian students who choose to study abroad (more than 50,000 per year), more to China, Australia to the United States. France is far behind the UK and even Germany.

Indonesian universities are interested in Europe and therefore France, which has a very good reputation in science and technology, and has a card to play to promote in particular its training of engineers. The Network "n+i" and POLITEKNIK NEGERI PADANG have agreed to sign a cooperation agreement which opens the way for exchanges and collaborations between French and Indonesian establishments.

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Signature of the Indo-French Alliance (IFA) charter

Taking the opportunity of the second Indo- French Knowledge Summit which took place on October 17-18, 2019 in Lyon, several French an Indian Higher Education Institutes have signed the charter creating the Indo-French Alliance (IFA) for academic cooperation.

The purpose of the Alliance is to develop collaboration between the institutions by promoting exchange of students, faculty mobility, joint research, scientific workshop, seminars, and scholarships for young scholars from both countries.

The charter was signed by representatives of the following “Founder members” ie Universities and Institutions from India an d France:

French University Members: IMT Mines Albi INP Toulouse Polytech Nantes Polytech Orleans

Institutional Member: Network n+i

Indian University Members: University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES) Mody University Jaipuria Institute of Management VIT (Regular Member)

The promotor of the IFA, Dr. Ugur GUVEN said “ The IFA is geared to welcoming more French and Indian institutions in order to further develop and open new fields of collaboration between the two countries in the domain of higher education and research.”

from left to right: Prof. Tchanguiz Razban, representative of Polytech Nantes Dr Ugur Guven, representative of UPES, Executive Coordinator of IFA Mr Narendra Jussien President of IMT Albi Dr Poonam, representative of Jaipuria Institute of Management Prof. Pascal MAUSSION representative of INP Toulouse Prof. Georges Santini, Executive Director of Network n+i

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Application for "n+i" rendez-vous programme (10 days)

The "n+i" rendez-vous is a unique opportunity to discover France, to get a life-changing experience in science and technology.

Enhance your knowledge of future technologies to preserve the environment with a 10 days short program in France.

Services provided in the program:

Sciences and technologies activities (conferences and visit of companies, engineering institutes...) Cultural and site seeing activities Accommodation Full board Local transfers (except airport/hotel) Insurances and SIM card are provided

More information and to apply here:

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Application for Charpak scholarship 2020 (India) is opened for n+i applicants

The Embassy of France in India is inviting applications for Charpak Masters Scholarship 2020. This scholarship is designed for one to two years, (September - June, 10 months per academic year) of studies in France at the Master’s degree level for all streams and fields of study.

Download the PDF announce here:

More information on campusFrance India:

Application on

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Session 3 application is opened

Session 3 is opened for application. If you are interested by one of the following "n+i" programmes:  - PreDi (master in 4 years) - PreMaster (master in 3 years) - Master (master in 2 years) - PostMaster (post-master in 1 years)

Students must complete the procedure of application on before March 31th, 2020.

Academic selection results will be given on April 28th, 2020.

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webinar "Open Day n+i" on March 13th, 2020

During the whole day of March 13th, 2020 the n+i team will be available to answer any question you may have (in English and French). Students, parents, professors are welcomed to join this event and will be able to chat with us.

From 08:00 to 17:00, we will answer anything you want to know about "engineering studies in France" such as : - Why study engineering in France? - What are the programmes available for international students? - Details on the session 1 of application (for academic entrance in September 2020) - What are the requirements (academic and language) to study in France? - How Network "n+i" can assist you for your project of study in France ? ... etc.

« n+i » Open Day, March 13th

from 08:00 to 17:00 (Paris time)

Interactions during the webinar will be done in *English* or *French* regarding the language of students.

Pre register online for this event (with detailed schedule) here: 

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