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Dear students, You have chosen to continue your studies in France in one of the excellent higher education institutions members of Network "n+i". We congratulate you on this choice that will lead you to acquire a true international culture, a key to a brilliant future professional career. As you made this choice in the particular context of the global pandemic which has disrupted international relations, we felt it necessary to share with you this important information concerning the conditions of study in France in order to reassure you completely about your forthcoming  arrival.This year the situation has improved considerably compared to last year, thanks to the better knowledge of covid-19 which allows us to implement appropriate measures, and thanks to the vaccination campaign which has progressed well in France. Currently (9 June) more than 40% of the French population has been primo-vaccinated and the vaccination campaign is still accelerating to be available to all. Note that foreign nationals (like international students) are also eligible for the vaccination campaign in France at this time.The French health authorities are monitoring the situation closely and the indicators are encouraging. Shops and restaurants can open again in a gradual and controlled manner, and life is returning to an almost normal rhythm. Schools and universities are of course open and will resume classes and classroom activities for the start of the school year in September 2021.For you international students, it means that this year engineering courses will take place almost as usual, with health regulations respected. This year, as last year, we are carefully following the guidelines of the French health authorities. Should these guidelines change, we will adapt the services we offer to ensure your safety and well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to France soon. Georges Santini, Executive Director of Network n+i  

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Opening of "n+i" application on August 2nd, 2021

The new campaign for registration is now opened, the deadline for Session 1 is november 12th 2021.

Applying to Network n+i will make you benefit from:

a wide choice of academic programmes: 500 study programmes proposed by 50 engineering institutes a simple registration procedure : one single application for 50 institutes a complete set of coaching programmes adapted to your academic project in France

Network "n+i" will propose an adapted specific assistance depending of the student academic background

Examples of "n+i" study projects: - With a Secondary Education degree: students can apply for a Bachelor or Diplôme d'Ingénieur in 5 years+ (master grade) with a "n+i" foundation period. - With a Bachelor degree: students can apply for a master programme in 2 years with a "n+i" path to success packages. - With a Master degree: students can apply for a Post-Master programmes in 1 year, with if needed, a "n+i" path to success package.

More information on all "n+i" study programmes here: various "n+i" programmes

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