Master's programme

What is it ?

A two year programme of training after a bachelor degree in engineering or science in top institutions.

Aims of the programme

Master studies in France are specific because of :

  • A high maths content and teach theory to a high level. Practical applications are handled separately with supervised exercises, practicals, workshops and internships.
  • Students are required not only to give thought, but to explain their ideas. In an exercise, the method will be judged more important than the result. It is therefore essential to know how to convey your ideas.
  • The company internship is part of the course and enables students to showcase their social skills and adaptability as well as being a stepping stone towards a career.

Two different master programme are proposed by Network «n+i» : Master «n+» and Master «i»  

They are both National Master Degree (DNM), which means that foreign students are awarded exactly the same degree as their French counterparts.

The « n+ » Master's

The French diplôme d'ingénieur («n+» Master's) prepares graduates for project management, team management and company management (many CEOs or company directors are trained engineers).

The diplôme d'ingénieur is proof that a graduate has studied science and technology to a high level in a recognised establishment. As well as the scientific core, the diplôme d'ingénieur includes training in human and social sciences as well as company life (business law and legislation etc.), proficiency in a foreign language and internships in industrial companies etc.

Due to the demanding nature, high standard and international renown of this degree, we describe it as a Master's with Honours. We call it the “ n+ Master's

In France, engineering studies are highly prized and culminate in a master's degree that is only awarded by the CTI, the national commission on engineering degrees.

The « i » Master’s

The «i» Master's is a more specialised course, focused on a particular scientific or technological field.

This programme is recommended for students with a very specialised Bachelor's degree from their native country or for young engineers with several years' experience who wish to supplement their knowledge in a particular field. This Master's degree is known as «i» Master's, as in i for international.

The «i» Master's provides an excellent preparation for design, research and development engineers as well as project and team management roles.

The «i» Master is particularly suitable for students wishing to specialise in a particular field, perhaps followed by a Doctorate.

This degree is awarded by schools approved by MESR (Ministry of Higher Education and Research). The «i» Master may also present some Msc of level 7 (European level).


Only a minimum A2 level in French tests, or min 300 hours of approved lessons (eg Alliance Française, Instituts français) is required to apply, as students registered in a «n+i» Master can benefit from the «n+i» Path to success packages. A good level in english is also required, as the B2 level in english will be required for graduation.

Students who do not want to benefit from «Path to success packages» must prove a minimum B2 level to request an exemption.


To be admitted to a Master's programme in France, students are required to prove they hold a first degree, Bachelor's, licence or equivalent. The student's qualification must be acknowledged as the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits.

The equivalence and validity of an application (number of ECTS credits) are decided by the schools in Network "n+i" or by person's authorised to represent them.

Duration and credits

Both programmes are two years (M1M2) long and are credited of 120 ECTS (4 semesters).

Master «n+» which is a master with honours, includes a long internship or research period (6 months) in M2. This degree cannot be obtained in under 18 months.

Master «i» which is specialised and focused on a particular scientific or technical field, includes a long internship or research period (6 months) in M2. In certain conditions, foreign students may apply for recognition of previous academic or professional achievements. This applies to the «i» Master's only. This recognition of part of the master can reduce the study period in France to 12 months.

Regarding from orientation of the french institutions or the student's request, the «n+i» master's programmes can be proposed with :  

- « classic Path to success », a preparation programme before the academic programme. It starts with a 8 weeks preparation in french before the begining of courses. More information on «n+i Path to success».   

- « PreMaster », a 1-year programme of preparation in France before the begining of the master programme. More information on the PreMaster programme.

Specific case: Master in 3 years

In some particular case, it's possible that some institution may propose a master programme of 3 years (B3M1M2) instead of a 2 year master (M1M2). 

For exemple, if the applicant will not graduade a bachelor, or if some specific courses are missing in the academic background of the applicant and are required by the engineering school and be validated during a full academic year (B3) in the institution, prior to the 2 years of master (M1M2).

n+i Path to success packages can be also required by the engineering school for a 3 year master. This will be detailed in the "Publication of schools offers" step.

All different steps of the application procedure are listed in the the schedule page

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