Scholarships for international students

Network n+i provides to applicants who confirm their project of study in France in Session 1: a grant of €200 to be deducted from the n+i invoice.

Automatic financial support from French government

Engineering courses all over the world are costly as they require technical equipment, laboratories and highly trained staff. However, the French government subzidizes part of the tuition fees for French and foreign students who enrol on a national degree course such as those offered through Network "n+i".

The French government directly finances higher education and thereby enables French and foreign students to significantly reduce the cost of their studies. This automatic allowance covers tuition fees and a portion of the cost of housing (APL aid) and student restaurants.

Thanks to France's policy in terms of hosting foreign students, the reduction in the real cost of studies, which can be likened to an “automatic” grant from France, is at least € 20,000 for a 2-year training programme!

The registration costs offered by institutions of Network "n+i" take account of funds received from the French state.

EIFFEL excellence programme

The French foreign office EIFFEL excellence programme is designed to support the recruitment of international students by French higher education institutions and to attract the elite among foreign students. It is a highly selective programme.

For more information on Eiffel, check the Campus France website

Only applicants who applied on Session 1 can be preselected by n+i institutions for Eiffel applications

Scholarship programmes for all countries

Campus France has indexed scholarship programmes available in every country into a search engine for international students: CampusBourse.

We invite you to check the details for each programme available for you as each procedure may be specific depending on the country, programme etc.

Campusbourses website: