Official title: Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering

Polytech Nantes

Training duration

2 years

Average academic cost found without insurance

11 300€


Accreditation Provider: DGESIP

Prerequisite of the training

Bachelor (or equivalent)

Formation type

  • Initial education


  • Biochemistry, Microbiology, Engineering

M1 section is taught by

  • IMT Atlantique

M2 section is taught by

  • Polytech' Nantes

Training description

The first year of the MBE Master's degree is taught in english at IMT Atlantique
The Master's Degree is a two-year degree. Candidates with a Bachelor of Science degree will enroll in the first year of the Master's Degree (Master PM3, IMT Atlantique).
Candidates with at least a 4-year Bachelor degree or first year of Master's Degree can ask to enroll directly in the second year of the Master's Degree. Candidates must have a good knowledge in, not necessarily all, but a majority, of the following fields:
- chemical and bioprocess engineering
- biochemical engineering
- mechanical engineering
- physics, chemistry and biology

Microalgae Bioprocess Engineering

Language level prerequisites

The minimum language level required, namely : B2 in English will be verified no later than end of April, 2024 (to be confirmed in your academic offer)

Course language

Only English

Language requirement to graduate


M1 Part


IMT Atlantique
Campus de Nantes
4, rue Alfred Kastler - La Chantrerie
CS 20722
44307 Nantes cedex 3

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
st year taught at IMT Atlantique 60.00 360.00 English

M2 Part


Polytech' Nantes
La chantrerie, rue C. Pauc, 44306 Nantes cedex 03

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Biology of microalgae 4.00 24.00 English
Industrial valorization of microalgae 2.00 12.00 English
Biochemical and Metabolic Engineering 5.00 30.00 English
Microalgae culture and photobioreactor engineering 4.00 24.00 English
Harvesting and Biorefinery of microalgae 5.00 30.00 English
Process integration and operation of microalgae exploitation facilities 5.00 30.00 English
Project 3.00 18.00 English
Language 2.00 12.00 English


Credits Hours Language
Master Thesis 30.00 Fr or En