Indian applicants after secondary education : apply to the new "Classes Internationales" programme for Bachelor/Master in France

Network n+i is part of the new programme "Classes Internationales" for Indian students.

This program is design to help young students after their secondary studies to join a bachelor or master programme in France.

In "Classes Internationales", you spend between a semester and an academic year at a school that prepares you for admission to an engineering school to continue your studies in French.

You'll also receive immersive training in French culture, as well as methodological courses and reinforcement in subjects that will be useful to you in your higher studies.

The French Embassy in India, which initiated this program, will provide the best students with a scholarship at the end of the classes internationales, to help them start their university career in France. That should be an additional motivation to fulfill your dreams of international exposure in France.

You can apply for and admission in France on on Session 3 (end March 31), or Session 4 (end May 21).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.