Official title: Electrical Energy

Polytech Nantes

Training duration

2 years

Average academic cost found without insurance

11 300€


Accreditation Provider: DGESIP

Prerequisite of the training

Bachelor (or equivalent)

Formation type

  • Initial education


  • Energy, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Engineering

M1 section is taught by

  • UFR Sciences et Techniques

M2 section is taught by

  • Polytech' Nantes

Training description

The Master 1 EEA takes place at Nantes University and is taught only in French.
The Master's Degree is a two-year degree. At Polytech' Nantes, only the second year is accessible so applicants should hold a degree which validates at least 4-years in higher education (i.e a 3-year Bachelor is not acceptable) and shoulld be in one of the following fields:
- electrical engineering
- applied mathematics and physics
- command and signal processing

Electrical Energy

Language level prerequisites

The minimum language level required, namely : B2 in English will be verified no later than end of April, 2024 (to be confirmed in your academic offer)

Course language

Only English

Language requirement to graduate


M1 Part




UFR Sciences et Techniques
UFR Sciences et Techniques
2, rue de la Houssinière - BP 92208
44322 Nantes Cedex 3

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Asservissement continu et échantillonné 5.00 40.00 French
Génie Informatique 8.00 69.00 French
Traitement du Signal et de l'Information 5.00 48.00 French
Composants Electroniques Analogiques 4.00 36.00 French
Entreprise et communication 2.00 20.00 French
Anglais 1 2.00 17.00 English
Convertisseurs statiques de l'énergie électrique 4.00 37.00 French


Credits Hours Language
Commande et Modélisation des Machines Électriques 4.00 38.00 French
Système d'état 5.00 40.00 French
Hyperfréquence et CAO 5.00 50.00 French
Optoélectronique 5.00 44.00 French
Stage 10.00 French
Anglais2 1.00 10.00 French

M2 Part


Polytech' Nantes
Polytech'Nantes, La chantrerie, rue C. Pauc, 44306 Nantes cedex 03

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Electrical energy conversion 5.00 38.00 English
Advanced electromagnetics 5.00 36.00 English
Numerical methods 5.00 40.00 English
Signal processing and control 5.00 38.00 English
Choose 2 option(s) in 3 Optional course
Electrical energy system 10.00 34.00 English
Advanced numerical modeling 10.00 34.00 English
Electrical systems control 10.00 34.00 English


Credits Hours Language
1 Teaching units + internship (5 months) 25.00 Fr or En
Scientific innovation 5.00 25.00 English