Official title: Data Science

Polytech Nantes

Training duration

2 years

Average academic cost found without insurance

11 300€


Accreditation Provider: DGESIP

Prerequisite of the training

Bachelor (or equivalent)

Formation type

  • Initial education


  • Engineering, Computing, Data mining

M1 section is taught by

  • UFR Sciences et Techniques

M2 section is taught by

  • Polytech' Nantes

Training description

The Master 1 takes place at Nantes University and is taught only in French.
The Master's Degree is a two-year degree. At Polytech' Nantes, only the second year is accessible. However, for international students, the current program is a one-year program, where successful applicants enter directly the second year. Applicants should hold a degree which validates at least 4-years in higher education, in the field of computer science.

Students are expected to have solid foundations in the following fields:
- mathematics (statistics, probability, optimization )
- relational databases (theory and practice)
- software development (e.g Python, R, C++, software engineering)
- report writing

Data Science

Language level prerequisites

The minimum language level required, namely : B2 in English will be verified no later than end of April, 2024 (to be confirmed in your academic offer)

Course language

Only English

Language requirement to graduate


M1 Part


UFR Sciences et Techniques
UFR Sciences et Techniques
2, rue de la Houssinière - BP 92208
44322 Nantes Cedex 3

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Graphes 2.00 24.00 French
Complexité et algorithmes 2.00 24.00 French
Anglais scientifique 2.00 20.00 French
Communication, connaissance de l'entreprise 2.00 12.00 French
Introduction à la recherche 1.00 12.00 French
Management à Visée Innovante et Entrepreunariale 3.00 25.00 French
Web des données, web sémantique 5.00 32.00 French
Web & Cloud and Datastores 4.00 24.00 French
Graphes II et Réseaux 4.00 24.00 French
Analyse des données 5.00 32.00 French
Langages de programmation de haut-niveau 3.00 24.00 French


Credits Hours Language
Machine Learning 2.00 24.00 French
Data Mining 2.00 24.00 French
Compilation 2.00 24.00 French
Ethique et numérique 2.00 12.00 French
Research Project 10.00 4.00 French
Anglais pour la communication scientifique 2.00 10.00 French
Applications industrielles sur les données 1.00 16.00 French
Bases de données évoluées 3.00 24.00 French
Choose 1 option(s) in 3 Bouquet
Bouquet 1: Programmation multi-coeurs / Decision Engineering 6.00 48.00 French
Bouquet 2: Systèmes temps réel embarqués / Ingénierie des réseaux 6.00 48.00 French
Bouquet 3: Probabilistic models / Interaction and applications 6.00 48.00 French

M2 Part


Polytech' Nantes
Polytech'Nantes, La chantrerie, rue C. Pauc, 44306 Nantes cedex 03

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Research methodology and case study 2.00 17.50 English
Data economics, law and ethics 3.00 24.00 English
Data dependencies and data integration 3.00 21.50 English
Visual analytics 3.00 24.00 English
Pattern mining and social network analysis 3.00 24.00 English
Text and sequential pattern mining 3.00 24.00 English
Cluster analysis and indexing 3.00 24.00 English
Classification, representation learning and dimensionality reduction 3.00 24.00 English
Probabilistic Graphical Models and statistical relational learning 3.00 24.00 English
Semantic knowledge representation 3.00 24.00 English
Conferences and invited courses (DS) 1.00 24.00 English
French langage and European culture 0.00 48.00 French


Credits Hours Language
Internship 30.00 Fr or En