The Network n+i has welcomed on this friday December 13th, a delegation of Institute POLITEKNIK NEGERI of PADANG (SUMATRA Island)

Mrs Deni Endriani (Thesis Student);  Mr Revalin HERDIANTO (Vice Director for Academic Affairs) and Mr Ihsan LUMASA RIMRA (Head of International Affairs) were present to this visit and were welcomed by Mr Georges SANTINI (Executive Director of Network n+i), and Mr Jean Pierre TROTIGNON (Counsellor to Executive Directorof Network n+i).

This public institution was created in 1987, it has three departments in Civil Engineering; Mechanics and Electronics which offer four-year Bachelor level training programs in four areas (i) Civil engineering, (ii) Electrical engineering, (iii) Information technology and (iv) mechanical engineering.

France receives very few Indonesian students who choose to study abroad (more than 50,000 per year), more to China, Australia to the United States. France is far behind the UK and even Germany.

Indonesian universities are interested in Europe and therefore France, which has a very good reputation in science and technology, and has a card to play to promote in particular its training of engineers.

The Network "n+i" and POLITEKNIK NEGERI PADANG have agreed to sign a cooperation agreement which opens the way for exchanges and collaborations between French and Indonesian establishments.