Official title: Master of Science Data Engineering


Training duration

2 years

Average academic cost found without insurance

12 500€


Accreditation Provider: Autre

Prerequisite of the training

Bachelor (or equivalent)

Formation type

  • Apprenticeship


  • Big data, Data Warehouse, Data mining, Cloud computing

M1 section is taught by

M2 section is taught by

  • aivancity

Training description

aivancity’s MSc Data Engineering aims not only to master the entire cycle of data engineering (acquisition, architecture, storage, cleaning, sorting, structuring, securing and analyzing), using the best technologies, but also to understand the issues at stake in organizations (decision-making support, understanding of business processes, etc.) as well as their legal, ethical and societal implications (respect for personal data, neutrality, bias, equity, diversity, transparency, etc.).

Information on apprenticeship

1st & 2nd semester : 3 weeks in a company and 1 week at school
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Scolarships (Subject to the school offer)

Year 2:

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of social and excellence criteria

Master of Science Data Engineering

Language level prerequisites

The minimum language level required, namely : A0 in French and B2 in English will be verified no later than end of April, 2024 (to be confirmed in your academic offer)

Course language

Only English

Language requirement to graduate

French A0
English B2

M1 Part




Not proposed by this institute

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Programming 15.00 90.00 English
Data Analytics 15.00 90.00 English


Credits Hours Language
Artificial Intelligence 15.00 90.00 English
Business Management 15.00 90.00 English

M2 Part


57, Avenue du Président Wilson,
94230 Cachan

Average academic cost found without insurance



Credits Hours Language
Boarding for aivancity 6.00 54.00 English
Implementing Big Data project engineering 16.00 96.00 English
Collect, prepare and secure Data 12.00 72.00 English
Personal Development 12.00 46.00 English


Credits Hours Language
Process and analyse large volume of Data 12.00 72.00 English
Master business, legal and ethical project issues 8.00 48.00 English
Personal Development 24.00 50.00 English