Proposed by CY Tech member of Network "n+i"

Organized by: CY Tech
Domains: Computer graphicsOptimisationData miningArtificial Intelligence
Duration: 4 weeks
Dates: 2022-06-20
Available language:
Required french level: Aucun
Required english level: B2
Required level of studies: baccalauréat
Nature of certification: 12 ECTS


Site du Parc
Avenue du Parc
95000 Cergy

Training description

Our Summer School aims at developing the students’ academic knowledge and professional skills in 2 major topics related to Computer Science – Visual computing and Artificial intelligence.

In addition, students will learn how to perfect the art of communication by numerous tips and exercises.
You will be involved in various projects with the teaching staff and you will take courses in Visual Computing and Artifi cial Intelligence, which will provide you with the tools to create virtual reality, video games, virtual divides, interactive objects and to learn about optimizations methods and data mining.
As an additional module, French as a Foreign
Language will be included to help you socialize with the French population.

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