Apply in Session 1 for scholarship programmes

The call for applications for the Eiffel scholarships is open: complete your file for Session 1!

Session 1 is intended for students wishing to apply for a scholarship (companies, Eiffel or embassies).

The application for session 1 with authenticated documents, interview, etc. will end on November 12, 2023, with a publication of the results of the school selections on December 12, 2023.

The Eiffel scholarship program

The Eiffel scholarship program is developed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to allow French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students in diploma courses at Masters' and Doctorate/PhD level.

This allows to train the next foreign decision makers, in private and public sectors, in critical studies fields, and boost applications by students from emerging countries at Masters' level and emerging and industrialised countries at PhD/Doctorate level.

Only applications from French institutions are eligible, and pre-selections results will be given in the n+i selection offers result of December 12, 2023.

More information on the Eiffel Scholarship: