Pre-diplôme d'Ingénieur Programme (Pre-DI)

A unique programme to prepare to a "Diplôme d’Ingénieur”

Network "n+i" offers to students:
  • Who have a Bachelor but who do not reach the prerequisites (language, sciences.) or
  • Who have not a Bachelor but, as a minimum, a national diploma after 2 years of higher education
to join a foundation year of 10-12 months (2 semesters from September till August) of upgrading courses in language (French and/or English), mathematics, sciences, to prepare them better for their 3-year training of “Diplôme d’ingénieur” (Master's degree) in France (better chances of success). It is a unique program.

During one year, courses will be designed in order to upgrade the background in math’s, sciences (physic, chemistry...) and on learning intensively French language.

During the first semester student will be in contact with all schools in order to be recruited by one of them for the second semester and the following 3-year master programme.
Note The Pre-Diplôme d’ingénieur (Pre-DI) is a non graduating programme, but gives 60 ECTS credits transferable (under conditions) back home.
During the pre-DI, schools will also search companies able to offer an apprenticeship programme for the 3-Year “Diplôme d’ingénieur” fully funded by a company.

The cost of a Pre-DI
Academic Pre-DI: €8 500 (academic costs, to be compare to the regular costs registration + 3 packages PIC, PIL, PIM of €7 300) and include:
  • The PIC integration package that includes:
    • The welcome,
    • The insurances,
    • The transfer fee,
  • The academic fees that represent:
    • The "n+i" registration,
    • The courses of Pre-DI
Not included: living expenses (accommodation, food etc.) for the duration of the programme, air tickets, visa fees.
Under request the Pre-DI may include an allocation to cover accommodation (housing) and meals in such a case the global cost of Pre-DI will be €13 500 (instead of €8 500). Not included: air flight ticket, visa fees. (prices in 2018)

The language level
In French: the required level is the level A2 (beginner). If the student does not have the level A2 (i.e full beginner), he can reach it by following, just before the Pre-DI, a regular Package of Linguistic Integration (PIL).

In English: if French language is low while the level of English has to be good, either: IELTS> 6, TOEFL (paper)> 600, TOEFL (internet)> 90, TOEIC> 850.

After the Pre-DI
Option 1: A guaranteed “Diplôme d’Ingénieur” (master “n+”) in initial training.
Subject to validation of the Pre-DI and the 60 ECTS credits required for enrolment in a diplôme d’ingénieur (3 years), the student will continue his diplôme d’ingénieur studies in one of the schools of Network "n+i".

Note The visa "apprenti" can only be obtained after 12 months of study in France and on the condition that a company is associated.
Option 2: A diplôme d’ingénieur with apprenticeship (Subject to being selected by a company for an apprenticeship contract). No additional time.  

What is the cost of training for the apprentice-student?
€ 0. The training is funded by the regional councils and a special tax "apprenticeship tax"; Apprentices receive support for travel, accommodation and catering. They are tax-exempted for most of their income.

Do I have the same degree?
YES: apprenticeship is a modality, degree is the same whatever the modality is.
You get a diplôme d’ingénieur degree (master's degree) and the company participates in the evaluation.
Competence certification is done in real situations!