Proposé par Sup'Biotech membre du Réseau "n+i"

Organisé par: Sup'Biotech
Domaines: EngineeringBiotechnology
Durée: 3 weeks
Dates: Summer 2025. Won't be offered in 2024 due to Olympic Games.
Niveau de français requis: Aucun
Niveau d'anglais requis: B2
Niveau d'études requis: baccalauréat
Nature de la certification: CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION

 66 rue Guy Môquet, 94800 Villejuif (France)

Description de la formation

 The Summer Program is as much about having fun as it is about learning!
New food products are developed and tested every day, then brought to market by companies that have spent millions on R&D.
This program has been designed to help our students intimately understand this process.
Students will perform food science-related lab work and develop food products, culminating in a project that combines product design with business and marketing concepts.

Lab work is coupled with market research and business implementation to give students a realistic look at the food science industries.
If you opt for the onsite program, wandering in Paris, walking next to the Eiffel Tower will be your everyday life.
Explore the famous monuments in Paris and the French way of life while being immersed in the Sup'Biotech innovative learning experience!
If you choose the online program, a number of cultural and team building activities will be organized virtually: French classes, team building event(s), intercultural workshops and more.

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