Cooperation agreement with Chandigarh University – state of Punjab – India

The Network "n+i" has signed a cooperation agreement with Chandigarh University

Thanks to the contacts established on the occasion of the "Choose France Tour" organized by the team of Campus France and the French Institute in India in September 2019, the Network "n+i" was able to finalize the discussions initiated on this occasion to sign a cooperation agreement with Chandigarh University.

Chandigarh University is a prestigious private institution located in the state of Punjab known for its historical and cultural treasures. This relatively young institution received its university rank in 2012 and since then has welcomed more than 13,000 students in a range of departments covering a wide range of engineering specialties.

Open to the world by welcoming students from more than 30 countries, Chandigarh University wishes to develop its relations with European countries, including France, hence its diligence in establishing close relationships with the member institutions of Network "n+i".

Chandigarh University