Integration packages

To boost the success of foreign students in France Engineering schools often recommend that students follow the "n+i" Path to success programmes.

These integration packages are designed to resolve housing, insurance and transfer issues etc. These packages also include refresher courses of French lessons and help with methodology to familiarise students with teaching and learning methods (note taking, relations with teachers, writing reports, oral presentation, personal work etc.).
There are three types of package, each with a separate objective:
NoteThe Cultural, Linguistic and Methodology Integration Packages are designed to boost foreign student's performance. They ae offered by the "n+i" network on behalf of the schools, to help students.
(1) There are two different methodology integration packages, depending on student needs.
The Cultural and Methodology packages are included in the course and require no extra time.
Important: Students who fail the first year may be excluded from the programme or required to resit the first year. This is a traumatic situation for both students and teachers. The network seeks to ensure that all students settle in well. The Network "n+i" therefore takes the initiative to enrol students on the packages that it deems key to the student's success.