The « i » Master’s

The “i” Master's is a more specialised course, focused on a particular scientific or technological field.

This degree is only awarded by schools approved by DGESIP (Department of higher education and further education).
This programme, which is specialised and focused on a particular scientific or technical field, includes a long internship or research period (6 months) in M2.
This programme is recommended for students with a very specialised Bachelor's degree from their native country or for young engineers with several years' experience who wish to supplement their knowledge in a particular field. This Master's degree is known as “i” Master's, as in i for international.
The “i” Master's provides an excellent preparation for design, research and development engineers as well as project and team management roles.
The i Master is particularly suitable for students wishing to specialise in a particular field, perhaps followed by a Doctorate.

Recognition of attainment, validation of credits
In certain conditions, foreign students may apply for recognition of previous academic or professional achievements. This applies to the i Master's only. This recognition of part of the master can reduce the study period in France to 12 months.
The level of French for the i Master
Some “i” Master's degrees offer courses taught partially or completely in English (see details for each “i” Master's).
Students on these courses are still required to attain the B1 level of French to be awarded the i Master's degree.

The level of English for the i Master's
There is no specific requirement concerning the level of English for “i” Masters taught in French, although it is recommended to be proficient to at least B2 level.
However, “i” Masters taught in English, level C2 is a minimum requirement.
NB: See the “n+ “ masters (French diplôme d'ingénieur) which is a more general course.