Q: How, whom, and when should I ask for a scholarship?
"n+i" takes the initiative for requesting scholarships from French organizations (Ministries, Embassies, Regions) and its partners (foreign organizations, companies), but you may do so yourself with organizations in your country. 

Q: What criteria are used to award scholarships?
Scholarships are merit-based.  Your online application is therefore very important—so fill it out carefully. Criteria include your university's prominence, your grades and other achievements, recommendation letters from your professors and employer, and, results from the GRE or other tests (not mandatory), if you have them.

Q: Which organizations manage the scholarships awarded by the French government?
If you have a scholarship from the French Government (BGF: Eiffel, Embassy of France) Campus France is the organization that will provide your funds every month. For other scholarships the "n+i" Network will usually be the operator. Your application must be validated the earliest possible (see "Calendar").
Q: Can I combine several scholarships?
Certain scholarships, such as the Eiffel Scholarship, are exclusive and non-cumulative. Company, French school, and "n+i" scholarships are cumlative according to the amount.

Can I apply to a scholarship even if I do not yet have a Bachelor degree? Yes, but in this case you must be in the last your of your Bacelor studies complete your "n+i" dossier. See requirements to produce in dossier inscription.

Q: How do I ensure recognition of my degree?
"n+i" has contacts throughout the world and agreements with excellent universities.  French diplomatic offices all over the world keep us informed about the developments in foreign educational systems. Determinations of the equivalence to be accorded a given degree or other credentials presented by applicants to "n+i" programs are made by an "n+i" committee. The members of "n+i" committee are mandated by the directors of Engineering Institutes of "n+i" network and  the committee's decisions are final and not subject to review or appeal regarding the validation or a decision  of an application.