Q: How do I enroll at one of the "n+i" network schools?
Enrollment begins with your online application. This application must be supported by various paper documents.  If you prefer a particular school, indicate your preference in your application.

Q: How do I choose an engineering school within the "n+i" network?
You can visit either « Find a school » or « Find a program ».  There, with the help of a search engine, you will be able to identify schools of your interest and visit their Web sites for more information.
Q: What difference is there between a university and an engineering school?
‘Les Grandes Ecoles d'ingénieur' were created more than two centuries ago to meet the needs of French industries. Today, 80%  of France's  engineers come out from these Grandes Ecoles. French Universities are even older, the first university was founded in 12th century.  Traditionally, these universities offered courses in pure sciences such as mathematics, physics etc. Recently, these universities have established engineering programs too.

Q: How is social and cultural life organized in engineering schools?
The schools are very well known for their lively social life.  As soon as you arrive you will likely be contacted by french engineering students who will suggest all sorts of cultural, athletic, and recreational activities.