"n+i" network courses

Three levels of degree are awarded across the world: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.

The Network "n+i" offers students who hold a Bachelor degree:
  • “n+” Master (diplôme d’ingénieur français), a master's in science and technology with training in management (or Master's with honours, French engineering degree) in 2 years,
  • “i” Master (master international), a master's course more focused in a specific field (in 2 years, 1 with validation of previous attainment),

The pre-doc programme (Pré-doc): this programme is designed for candidates already holding a national Masters’ degree and wishing to complete their training with a Doctorate in France.
The pre-doc course is undertaken in two stages:
  1. Search for laboratories: The "n+i" network puts future PhD students in touch with one or more potential host laboratories based on the subject they have chosen
  2. Selection and orientation stay: The "n+i" network" organises the future PhD’s visit in France and the meetings with the selected laboratories. For the candidate, the objective of the stay is an excellent opportunity to discover his/her future workplace or home. Students may even have the chance to meet with the directors of the selected laboratories therefore making their choice in full knowledge of facts.

The Network "n+i" Trainings search engine is also a great help to identify schools which may have research activities within your sector.
On www.nplusi.com, click on "Find a program