Definition of acronyms

APL: Exceptional individual allowances, a social benefit.
Bac: Short for baccalauréat, the diploma marking the end of secondary schooling in France.
The types of bac are

  • L: Arts;
  • ES: Economics and Social Studies;
  • S: Science;
  • STI: Science and Industrial Technologies;
  • STL: Science and Laboratory Technologies;
  • SMS: Medical and Social Sciences;
  • STT: Science and Service Industry Technologies.

Campus France: France’s national agency for the promotion of French higher education and management of grants,
CDEFI: The Conference of directors of french engineering schools and programs.
CEFI: Center for engineering program studies.
CNOUS: The French national student-service agency.
CPGE: Preparatory schools for the grandes écoles.
CTI: National Commission on engineering degrees.
DAEU: University entrance diploma.
DEA: A research-oriented graduate degree; the first step in the path to a doctorate.
DESS: A terminal graduate degree leading directly to professional practice.
DRT A technological research degree.
ENSI: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs, a national postsecondary school of engineering.
ESC: Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, a postsecondary school of business.
IUFM: A university-based teacher-training institute.
IUP: A university-based professional institute.
IUT: A university-based institute of technology.
JO: The official journal of the French Republic.
MAE: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
MBA: Master of Business Administration.
MEN: Ministry of National Education.
ONISEP: National office of information on public education.
UE: Teaching unit, a module in the student's course of study.
UFR: Education and research unit, a unit of the university, similar to a department.