Personal funding

Staying at home has a cost! Whatever you do!

Personal funding
High quality international university training opens the door to a prosperous career. For students and their families, financing studies is a profitable investment!
Staying at home has a cost, whatever you do. Spending money on studies is not overspending, it is an essential cost. It is estimated that in any country one needs €375 per month to live, that is almost €9,000 for 24 months which can be invested in studies abroad.
Students can also negotiate a bank loan which will easily be repaid after the program by borrowing less than 10% of salary for 5 years once employment is obtained (see «grant for accompaniment» from companies).

Internships in France
Internships are a compulsory part of Master's degrees. They usually take place in companies and internships of 2 months or more are paid (at a minimum of €550 per month). On average, internships last 6 months, which makes minimum earnings of €3,000 in the 2 years in France!

Warning: Studies are equivalent to working full-time, continuously. It is not recommended to spend too much time and effort on non-school work!
Temporary work and part-time jobs
Under French law, students are authorised to work part-time, up to 17 hours per week.
Foreign students can therefore find part-time employment such as giving private language lessons, working in a restaurant etc.
Students are requested to inform the school of their employment.