Work permit

For student with a Master's or equivalent degree

Master's degrees (“n+” or “i”) issued by the Network "n+i" schools give French and foreign engineers equal career opportunites in France and abroad.

These qualifications give graduates the right to obtain either a temporary residence permit allowing them to stay in France for a period of 6 months to look for a job or a visa allowing them to work in a company with which they must sign an employment contract.

Provisional / Temporary Resident Permit (autorisation provisoire de séjour (APS)
Masters (or Doctorate) graduates may, if they wish to work in France once they have completed their studies, request amendment to their student visa for a Temporary resident permit of 12 months (non-renewable) authorising paid employment for first activity.
In 2013, over 90% of engineering students had received job offers before they graduated! The average gross salary for a first job in France for a young engineer is €36,000 per annum.

Direct residency permit application
Graduates with a qualification at least equivalent to a Master’s degree and a work contract or binding offer may also request a change in status from “student” to “employee” outside of the usual provisional residency permit system.