Free distance learning French lessons!

To help motivated students succeed in their studies in France, the "n+i" network offers free distance learning lessons of French as a foreign language, subject to conditions.

To take advantage of this offer, you must fulfil four conditions:
  • Have been interviewed by a representative of the "n+i" network,
  • Have been accepted on session 1 or session 2 by at least one school in the "n+i" network,
  • Have paid the deposit for your course in session 1 or session 2
  • Have expressly requested lessons from the student department
Students must apply to "n+i" in order to access the on line French lessons “Tell Me More”. It's a great way to improve your French.
NoteThese lessons supplement lessons given in universities, by Alliance française etc. but do not replace them!
The online French lessons (general language lessons) include:
  • A wide range of lessons (with 2000 hours of lessons per language) organised in specific training programmes,
  • Written comprehension and expression,
  • Oral comprehension and expression,
  • Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronounciation
  • A wide variety of activities to stimulate learning: 37 types of different activity (interactive dialogues, comprehension, written compositions, video and multiple choice questions etc.),
  • For foreign students: lessons offered in many languages (more than 17 languages).
  • Many linguistic tests corresponding to the European levels (positioning, progress, certification)
This offer is for learning French as a foreign language for use in an "n+i" network school. Students who do not attend an "n+i" school will be required to pay €400 to the "n+i" network.
Progress made during this course can help improve your score in French tests. A high score is required to be exempt from the linguistic integration package.