"n+i" Grants

A grant programme financed directly by the "n+i" network
The "n+i" network is an non profit making association and a portion of its budget is reserved for grant funds to help foreign students come to France and to help French students to study abroad.
Grants are for a maximum of €300.Priority is given to students who registered, have been recruited and paid their invoice in Session 1 (€300).
The grants are applied as a discount on the recruitment costs

Grant receipients can contribute to Network Scholarship Fund "n+i" when they have found an employment as engineers and to enable others to follow their example.

Be supportive! Grant recipients can contribute to the Network "n+i" grant fund once they have found employment as engineers so as to enable others to follow their example.
The Network "n+i" agrees to reuse the total amount to help other students. If previous grant recipients find work in France, their contribution may be income tax deductible under certain conditions.