Integration Package Exemptions

Cultural, Linguistic and Methodology Integration Packages are “keys to success” for foreign students. They are offered by the "n+i" network on behalf of the schools, to help students.

Exemption from the Cultural “Integration Package” (PIC)
The Cultural “Integration Package” (PIC), the PIM and the PIL make up a complete integration package.
WarningExemption can be expensive if it leads to failure.
Requests for exemption from the welcome service (e.g. student with family in France) should be sent to “student” department at the "n+i" network.

Exemption from the Linguistic “Integration Package” (PIL)
The Linguistic “Integration Package” (PIL or French refresher course), run by the "n+i" network, enables students, beginners or not, to improve their level of French before the actual course starts.
  1. Only the "n+i" student department is authorised to exempt a student from the linguistic Integration package and will do so if proof is submitted within the time limit.
  2. To request an exemption from the course, students must prove their level of French by presenting a certificate of DELF B2 or level B2 in a French test.
  3. The "n+i" network may also accept a certificate from an approved body or letter from an accredited person.
Enrolment will be in September for students who are exempt and the cost of the package will be deducted.
Students validated in session 3, and who justified of a minimum B2 level in French, can be exempted from the PIL.

Exemption from the “Methodology Integration” Package (PIM)
There are two types of “Methodology Integration” Package (PIM) commun, or local.
  1. The Methodology Integration Package is part of the course and as such, the school decides which package students should follow (complete or local).
  2. Only the "n+i" school is authorised to exempt a student from the “Methodology integration” package, on the basis of its own criteria. The school informs the "n+i" network who will notify of the student's decision.
  3. The PIM is included in the course, it is not added on as extra lessons. Students who are exempt will therefore follow an “ordinary” semester with the French(1)  students to replace the “Methodology Integration” Package.
  4. To be totally exempt from the “Methodology Integration” Package, students must:
    Case 1: prove they are proficient in French to a high level and are well prepared for studies in France (have at least the DALF certificate).
    Case 2(1): have already passed a pre-Master integration course in France or abroad (with cooperation agreement).
Exemption is granted according to academic criteria, never for financial reasons.
Students exempt from the PIM join the course with the French students in September. They receive no particular assistance. However, the length of the course remains the same. Of course, the cost of the “Methodology Integration” Package will be deducted from the invoice total.