EIFFEL grant applicants

Applicants must be submitted by one school only. That explains why we ask applicants to sign a document authorising schools to make the application and that no other school has done so.
If there are several applications for one applicant, the applications will be rejected.
You have been accepted!
  • You registered in session 1
  • You have accepted that school “A” applies for an EIFFEL grant.
  • You may sort the other schools in order of priority in case you are not awarded an EIFFEL grant. Choice 1 can be different to school “A” (e.g. choice 1=school “G”, choice 2=school “D”, choice 3=school “A” etc.)

An initial selection will take place in December 2017 and results will be made known to students who have not been selected so that they may confirm that they wish to apply for normal recruitment.

Official results
The official results will be published by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in the middle of March 2018.

You have been awarded an EIFFEL grant!
Many congratulations! This grant is awarded for excellence! (see details on EIFFEL)
Now that you are sure to obtain a grant, contact the "n+i" network to confirm your acceptance and pay the deposit of €650 before the session 2 deadline.

You have not been awarded an EIFFEL grant.
But you confirm your choice of school. The EIFFEL results are only published in session 2 but as you registered in session 1, you will remain on the first list of applicants for other grants as long as your deposit and fees are paid by the session 2 deadline.
Schools choose the candidates for whom they decide to apply for an EIFFEL grant.