Administrative fees, Quotation, Deposit and Invoice

Do not confuse quotation with invoice!

Administrative fees
Your application will be activated only after the payment of €50 via our partner Klik and Pay.
The administrative fees allow:
  • to be invited to join the interview and the MCQ test in Mathematics when your file will be completed.
  • to start the n+i administrators review and the examination process for validation of your electronic form.
  • once validated your application will be available to all n+i engineering institutes
Administrative fees are not refundable.

The quotation
As soon as you have accepted an offer from a school, we will start by giving you a quotation with the details of the costs and the discounts (according to the information we have).
The quotation is not an invoice for payment. It details the costs and discounts and you should sign it to show your acceptance.
If you accept the quotation and pay the deposit within the allotted time (1), we will draw up an invoice which should be paid by the deadline (see schedule).
(1) Except candidates retained for an EIFFEL grant who will only pay the deposit once they have the results of their EIFFEL grant.
Note: the total cost (packages and tuition fees) will be clearly stated on the quotation.
The quotation is produced by default without any exemptions. If you requested some exemptions, do not worry. As soon as your exemptions will be validated, your invoice will be updated to reflect your situation before your payment.
To ensure that the quotation is as precise as possible, you must supply documents justifying exemption as early as possible.

Non refundable deposit
To confirm acceptance of the quotation and admission to the school of your choice you are required to pay a deposit (€650 non-refundable but deductible from your final invoice).
This commitment secures your registration.
If you do not pay the deposit within the allotted time, your registration may be cancelled, without notice, by the school. Failure to settle payments (deposits, invoices) by the due date may generate penalties if the school would maintain its offer.

The invoice
The invoice is an official accounting document based on the accepted quotation signed by the student. It should be paid by the deadline specified.
Pay your invoice on time (see session schedule) to confirm your agreement and retain the advantages of your session.

Invoice and exemptions
If you are exempted from a package after you have paid your invoice, the "n+i" network will reimburse the difference once you arrive in France.

Invoice and grants
If you don't (yet) have a grant or if it has not been officially signed by the "n+i" network, you should pay the deposit and bill on time.
Exemptions and grants may arise once the invoice has been paid. In such case, any package concerned by the new situation will be reimbursed.
If you are awarded an EIFFEL grant, you will be required to pay a deposit of €650 by the session 3 deadline. You can then opt to pay your invoice or request a delay (monthly instalments once you arrive in France).
If you are awarded an Embassy "partial" grant, you will be required to pay a deposit of €650 and the remainder of your invoice before the session 3 deadline.
If you have a company "full" grant, the deposit and invoice will be paid directly to "n+i" by the company (or reimbursed if they have already been paid).