Evaluation / Interview

Q : Why should i get myself evaluated or interviewed ?
The interview can help you to precise your project and direct you to the proper field. It also helps the Engineering Institutes in their recruitment to offer you the courses more adapted to your needs.

Q: Will I have to sit a test in mathematics or science?
No, but a test of this type might be decisive for recruitment or to obtain a grant or even an exemption.

Q: Is the interview mandatory/compulsory?
No, but the students who go through the evaluation/interview have more chance to get recruited.

Q: Can I get interviewed several times?
YES. You could also show your progress for example.

Q: Where should I go and whom should I contact to get interviewed?
You will find all the information in your personal page when you complete your electronic form of registration.

Q: Can a school ask me to undergo an interview?
YES, this is common because the schools want to make sure that the training programme they are offering is appropriate and what you are looking for.