The official form

The “official” form enables the "n+i" network committee to validate your online application

We will check that the information on the online form is correct and corresponds to "n+i" network recruitment procedures.
Once the form is validated, your form will still be available to you but it will be locked and you will no longer be able to modify the content.
The official form must include:
  1. One signed hard copy of your completed online form (sign each page),
  2. One signed hard copy of the student charter and the Network "n+i" (sign each page)
  3. Your cover letter printed and signed,
  4. Your career project printed and signed,
  5. Two letters from your references,
  6. Official documents such as degree certificates etc. (certified or notarised) translated (into English or French) by a sworn translator.,
  7. Official documents containing marks (certified or notarised) in the original language and translated (into English or French) by a sworn translator.
  8. A certified birth certificate or extract, translated into French by a sworn translator,
  9. And as soon as possible, please send: Results of French tests (TEF, TCF etc.) as well as English tests (TOEFL, TOEIC etc.) Or scientific tests (GRE, "n+i", etc.)
NoteIf no French tests are held in your country, provide a certificate detailing your level of language drawn up by an authorised person or body.
The assessment results of French Level (TEF, TCF, DELF, DALF)
  • May be required to obtain a visa (see Embassy and consulates).
  • May exempt you from the summer French language course (PIL). You will be notified of the exemption by the "n+i" network.
  • Improve your recruitment chances.
  • Make sure to follow the upload procedure on your personal page and check if all documents are uploaded (reference letter to be opened and scanned).
  • You declare on your honour that the information you give is true and the documents genuine. Any difference with your online form will mean rejection of your application.
  • Network "n+i" will verify the authenticity of your documents (certificates, notes, letters, ..) to your university and teachers! Any error will result in the cancellation of your application, the loss of all payments made, and a report to your university!
Respect the deadline for uploading your official form (see calendar)