The "n+i" network in the international arena

Master's degrees awarded by the schools in the "n+i" network are acknowledged internationally according to the Bologna Process.

The Bologna Process 
The international agreement commonly known as the "Bologna agreement" or L,M,D (for Licence, Master, Doctorat – equivalent to Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and PhD) was signed by 47 countries across the world and is acknowledged by many others.
It focuses on three main areas:
  1. Comparing skills and a level of knowledge with 3 levels:
    • Degree (Bachelor),
    • Master,
    • Doctorate.
It is impossible to compare degrees directly (too disparate) or to compare the number of years (as it depends on content). Each degree, in each country is therefore placed at a level of skill: Bachelors, Masters or PhD in order to:
  1. Encourage student mobility and discovery of other cultures,
  1. Use a common assessment system, the European Credits Transfer System ECTS for each component of a training course (lessons, practicals, laboratory, project, internship etc.) Find a common denominator (credits) with which to compare courses and encourage student mobility between countries (through the credit transfer system).
Obtaining a Master's degree from one of the "n+i" network schools means you can work or continue studying for a doctorate anywhere in the world!