Grants from the French state

Students registered with the "n+i" network automatically receive financial aid from the French state. However, there are other possibilities for grants and aids such as French Embassy grants and EIFFEL grants. Students awarded grants will be classed as BGF (French government grant holders).

French Embassy grants
The French Embassy grant programmes vary from country to country and it is therefore recommended to consult the Embassy or Campus France website to see which programmes might apply to you.
There are several types of grant:
  • The social security cover grant only covers the cost of insurance,
  • The incitation grant which gives help with travelling to France and covers the first few months or the first year of your course. This grant can be combined with funding from regional authorities or private funding from companies,
  • The study grant covers the whole of your study period. Study grants may include living expenses and tuition fees or integration packages prior to the course (cultural, linguistic or methodology integration).
1. Failure to pass a year may mean that the grant is suspended.
2. Some grants may be combined with others (eg. Company grants). Contact the "n+i" network for more information.

NoteCandidates for EIFFEL grants must be no older than 30 years at the time of applying
EIFFEL grants
The request is made by the school which selects students who have completed the online application form.
Warning: applications for EIFFEL grants must be registered in session 1!
The EIFFEL grant is a scholarship awarded to very high level candidates from all over the world. It is therefore extremely difficult to obtain.
The French foreign office EIFFEL excellence programme is designed to support the recruitment of international students by French higher education establishments and to attract the elite among foreign students. You will find some extracts below. For mor information, please consult the Campus France website (who runs the programme on behalf of the foreign ministry).
The committee proceedings are not published and the committe will not provide any justification of its decision.