Interviews, Tests, Assessment, Orientation

Getting to know you

The "n+i" Network authorizes persons to give their opinion on your application (after an interview). These opinions will be added to your application but you will not be able to consult them. They will only be accessible by the persons reviewing your application (schools, companies etc.).
Why ?
An interview is a chance to present your application and prove your motivation and your language proficiency. It's also an opportunity to ask important questions about your course in France and receive guidance.
It is not just an assessment. It is a way of getting to know you and of helping you make the right decision on which course to take in France.
You must be interviewed, at least once, to have access to schools’ offers
Your application file, with all joint documents and the result of the test of mathematic, allows us to check your academic background. The objective of the interview is to check your project, your motivation, your intellectual autonomy, your curiosity.. in fact all qualities, on top of your scientific and technical training, needed to be an “international engineer”!
Interviews, mandatory, will be organize for candidates who have completed an «electronic form»:
  • Either at distance (by Skype)
  • Or face to face during missions of "n+i" representatives in your country.
In both cases, you will be informed and invited for interview by the network "n+i"
By whom?
The interviews are done either by "n+i" representatives in human and social sciences, in international relations, or to by professors from "n+i" institutes.
When ?
Interview is compulsory to have access to schools’ offers.
You must be interviewed before the deadline of the session to get offers from institutes !
You have to sware on the honor that you will be alone to participate to these interviews and QCM
Representatives of institutes interested in your profile may, in addition, ask you to be interviewed (Skype or face to face). Please visit your "n+i" page daily!

You may be interviewed several times and/or by several people

The QCM tests, Questions with Multiple Choices
To help you in your orientation and your choice, we propose to the students to pass evaluation tests in mathematics.
Syllabus of QCM test in Mathematics:
Calculus: derivative, partial derivative, integral, double integral, limit of suits, numerical series, series of function, extrema of functions, equivalence of functions, differential equations.

Probability and Statistics: Discrete probability, continous probability, random variables, expectation, variance, characteristic functions, binomial distribution, uniform density, exponential density, normal density, random vectors, matrix of covariance. Notion of estimator. Properties of estimators (unbiaised, convergent, efficient).

Algebra: Vectorial space, linear algebra, matrix, determinant, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, linear equation, quadratic forms, complex numbers.

Geometry: analytic geometry, equation of plan, tangent plan, normal to a curve, length of curve, scalar product, vectorial product, gradient, divergence, rotational. scalar field, vector field, Ostrogradski formula, Stokes Theorem
Tests are organized « on line».
To participate you must have a complete «electronic file » and activated your application.
By whom?
Tests are designed by professors of "n+i" institutes.
Tests are strongly recommended because they help to a better orientation. Some institutes are consulting only application from students who participate to an interview and a QCM.

One « on line » test will be organized for each end of Session at at time that will be given on your personal page.
To be informed and pass a test, you must have completed your « electronic form » !