Partnerships with companies

French engineers are trained in close collaboration with companies of all sizes. This partnership aims to prepare graduates for the workplace while ensuring they have a solid education.
Work experience placement as part of the master’s course is indeed one of the highly original features of the French programmes.
Companies play a major role in the training as it as it gives students the opportunity to be prepared to real professional practice through:
  • Interships and projects undertaken with the company,
  • Visiting production sites,
  • Professional conferences,
The “n+” Master's, (diplôme d'ingénieur) also includes:
  • Modules on human and social sciences as well as an introduction to management,
  • Modules on employment and business law.
Company grants: Companies work alongside the Network "n+i" to offer grants to foreign students to come and study in France (see grants).

All engineering courses now include internships, usually with companies. At least one internship is obligatory on 90% of courses.
Internships are marked as part of the course.

Internships in companies of a 2 month or longer duration receive financial benefits.