Who is eligible?

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To be admitted to a Master's programme in France, students are required to prove they hold a first degree, Bachelor's, licence or equivalent. The student's qualification must be acknowledged as the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits.
a) It is not sufficient to give the number of years studied or the name of the degree course. Please show that your have relevant qualifications (course content, experience etc.) for the course you wish to attend in France.
A 5 year degree course may only be the equivalent of 180 relevant credits because some of the teaching is not relevant to the degree taught in France. This explains why criteria can vary from one school to another.
b) For first degrees to be credited, they must correspond to the French master's degree course (e.g a first degree in the field of mechanics for a Master's degree in mechanics).
c) It is not acceptable to TOTALLY change field (e.g. BSc in Civil Engineering then Master's in Computer Science). It is possible to deviate slightly. For example, a Civil Engineering course trains in the use of calculation codes, computer assisted design and simulation, in relation to civil engineering.
The equivalence and validity of an application (number of ECTS credits) are decided by the schools in the "n+i" network or by person's authorised to represent them.

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Who is eligible?