Registering with the "n+i" network

Registration, Applications, Admission, Payments, etc.

How to register via the "n+i" network?
TipThe sooner you begin your registration, the sooner your application will be completed, the quicker we will validate and that increases your chances of being admitted but also of receiving a grant.
  1. You must have a first degree (French “licence”, Btech, BEng, BSc, Licienciatura, etc.) or qualification deemed equivalent by "n+i" and the schools,
  2. You must fill in only one “electronic” form, with one account per user, on this website www.nplusi.com. Click on “register on line” and follow the procedure
  3. You must confirm your “electronic” registration by uploading “authenticated copies” of your official documents (degree, transcripts, test language, etc).
  4. Keep to the schedule which specifies the deadlines for applications, replies for the recruitment etc.
  5. Consult the website regularly using your ID. NB: this is the only way you can follow the results. No results will be sent by mail or email!
  6. If you prove you have a good level of French you may be exempt from the linguistic integration package! You must begin studying French and provide proof of your level of French (test, personal letter from authorised persons etc.).
WARNING: Once you have chosen your "n+i" school with which you will study in France, you should fill in the the forms to obtain your visa. In some countries, this entails filling in the CampusFrance–CEF form.
Seek advice from your local French Consulate or the CampusFrance office.
Remark: Equivalences and validations are decided by the "n+i" committee on behalf of the school directors and engineering training bodies. The committee's decision is final and no justification will be given.

More information
Registration is very easy but you should read all the documents :
TipLog on regularly to obtain information and advice and respond within the deadlines.


Registering with the "n+i" network
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