Package of Linguistic Integration (PIL)

Enables students, beginners or not, to improve their level of French before the actual course starts.

A summer course
PIL is a summer course (between July and September) of French lessons for non-French natives run by specialized organisations.
The level of language (French or English) required before the beginning of the training is indicated in the description of each training (see Find a program). This is a condition for definitive admission to the Master.
AdviceBegin French lessons before your arrival in France to show your motivation to study in France and give yourself every chance of succeeding.
In general, a B2 level is requested in the language used for the training (French or English) in Master "n+" or "i". The PIL (or even the Extended PIL) was created to help students reach the right level.

The French language
In the vast majority of cases, for training in science, technology and engineering taught in French, it is requested to justify a minimum level A2 as of 1 April.

The PIL (to French), which begins in mid-July, reaches the B1 level in September before the start of the master's course. The PIM package is then needed to complete his/her integration and reach the level of French B2 required to follow the courses with French students.

The English language
For training courses taught in English it is requested to justify a minimum level B1 as of April 1st.
The PIL (to English) starts in mid-July and reaches B2 in September before the start of the master course.

Attention even for the trainings taught in English it will be asked, to obtain the degree a minimum level of French B1.

PIL that make progress in both languages (English and French) are possible.

During this course, students will stay with families to boost their knowledge of the French language and culture.
For reservations accommodation during the PIL, we ask students to deposit the average cost of housing before their arrival (see Housing in France).

Students requesting an exemption for the Package of Linguistic Integration over the summer must prove a minimum B2 level in French. Each application will be considered and examined carefully, and reasons for accepting or rejecting always signified.
It is mandatory to follow all courses, lectures, workshops, etc. of the PIL.
Only the "n+i" student department is authorized to exempt a student from the linguistic integration package and will do so if proof is submitted within the time limit.
Enrolment will be in September for students who are exempt and the cost of the package will be deducted from their invoice.
A student who already has the required level to pursue his / her training can nevertheless pursue a PIL: this allows to continue to progress (the courses are adapted to the level of each student) while adapting to life in France, before engineering courses.
Longer PIL courses (5 months) starting on April 1st are possible for very beginner students (see Extended PIL).