Research experience in France during or after a Master

What is FIER-DOC?

The FIER-DOC (French Innovative Experience in Research) programme is aimed at candidates who are completing a Master (or who have already got one) and who want to acquire knowledge and experience in the management of "research projects" and eventually to pursue on a doctoral thesis.

Aims of the programme

To acquire the skills required to manage research projects (patents, intellectual property, ethics, contract drafting, project management, communication, etc.) useful to any future manager of applied research programs and to participate in a unique research experience in France.

And for future PhD students:

  • For applicants: to estimate the doctoral thesis that will be asked and to discover the living environment in France (housing, children's education, culture, tourism, ..) or simply to get a research experience in France.
  • For the thesis supervisor and the research team: to test the scientific competence and experimental skills of the applicant and his ability to adapt to the work and methods of the laboratory.

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Training in research activities management

The training program taught in english will focus on the following points:

  • Cultural immersion and visits
  • Language discovery
  • Visits to research laboratories and industrial sites
  • Training seminar in "international research skills"
  • conferences, visits, projects including themes on:
    • Ethics, the researcher’s social responsibility. Epistemology of Sciences.
    • Industrial and intellectual property, patents
    • Scientific publications (journals, reviews, conferences), where to publish?
    • Data protection, cyber security, plagiarism research
    • Research funding (public, private)
    • Partnership research (companies)
    • Communication (preparing conferences, courses, dissemination…). Media training
    • Social networks fo researchers

Selection: before departure

Academic prerequisite:

This program is open to professional applicants or students graduated or ending their Master who wish:

  • To acquire a unique research experience in France
  • or To pursue a Doctorate in science, technology and engineering in France.

Application requirements:

  • Applicants must be studying or already graduated in a Master
  • English level B2 minimum
  • no minimum level of French required

Application procedure:

  • step 1: Online enrolment (see schedule) on the website
  • step 2: Interview (online) between the applicant and the laboratories team
  • step 3: Preliminary acceptance of the application dossier and formal offer of welcome in a French laboratory

Training: 2 months in Paris

  • Personalized welcome on arrival in France (transfer, guaranteed accommodation, insurances on request, etc.)
  • Introductory tour of Paris
  • Completing all administrative formalities
  • Training in the management of research activities, organised by Network "n+i"

Research: 3 months or more in a laboratory

  • Settling into the host laboratory and city
  • Presentation of the laboratory (site, equipment, operation) and its general research policies
  • Participation of the candidate in laboratory research programmes and participation in conferences

Seminar: 2 days in Paris

  • Presentation of results before a jury with delivery of a progress report.
  • Validation of international experience in France, issuing by a certificate (30 ECTS)

Following the seminar two possibilities: 
- Return to the country of origin
- Enrolment in Doctorate (conditional)

Cost of programme

Academic costs for a duration of 5 months: €8,500* (exclusive of subsistence costs, insurance, plane tickets, visas).

Arrival in France: February 1st, 2019
* Price on 01/01/2018 may be subject to change

Important note: Application to FIER-DOC is closed.

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FIER-DOC schedule

When should I register for 2019 ?

There is two recruitment campaigns : Spring and Autumn 2019

Spring session is for an arrival in France on February 2019, while the Automn session is for an arrival on October 2019

Select a session for more details


Spring Session 2019

  • 30


    End of application with all required authenticated documents, deadline for interviews.

  • 17


    Publication of Laboratories proposal to be answered by applicants before 30th of october

  • 31


    Deadline for payment of the invoice (full).

  • 1


    Arrival in France and begining of the Spring FIER-DOC programme.

note: FIER-DOC application are now closed. No further applications will be accepted.