Recorded video of webinar "Open Day n+i" of October 11th, 2019

on October 11th, 2019 was organised an "Open day n+i" webinar with presentations of n+i representatives and institutions. 

If you want to watch a specific presentation here the list from speakers below:

00:00:04 Welcome and short introduction by Mr Guillaume Picard from Network n+i
00:26:17 Presentation from Mrs Weiwei Wang, n+i representative for China
01:17:53 Short Q/A session with students
01:34:05 "Engineering studies in France" presentation by Mr Georges Santini Executive Director of Network n+i
02:04:13 "Becoming a Digital Technology Engineer with ISEP" presentation by Mrs Hang Sung ISEP representative
02:57:08 "Premaster, apprenticeship with CESI" presentation by Mrs Stéphanie Dumortier CESI representative
03:35:12 "Chemical and Energy Engineering with ENSGTI" presentation by Mr Frédéric Marias ENSGTI representative
03:56:38 "Embedded systems & robotics, Mechanics & electronics, Industrial organisation & logistics" presentation by Mr Octavian Curéa & Mr Chen Peng ESTIA representatives
04:25:32 "Energy and Digital with ESIEE Amiens" presentation by Mr Laurent Baroux ESIEE Amiens representative
05:07:30 "Urban engineering with EIVP" presentation by Mrs Eugenia Llamas EIVP representative
06:00:13 "Engineering studies in France" presentation by Mr Jean Pierre Trotignon counsellor for n+i Director and creator of Network n+i
07:01:21 "A complete range of degrees, training and experiences with Network n+i" presentation by Mr Georges Santini Executive Director of Network n+i

Thank you to all participants, and students present for this event.

We remind interested students that the deadline of application for "Session 1" is November 11th, 2019 with academic results available on December 6th,2019.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact-us.