ENSIBS institution as joined the Network n+i

The Network "n+i" is very happy to announce that the institution ENSIBS has just joined the 50 top engineering schools as active member.

Located in the University of Bretagne Sud, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Bretagne-Sud (ENSIBS) offers four specialties:

In Lorient :
- Industrial Engineering 4.0
- Mechatronics

In Vannes :
- Cyberdefence
- Trusted Computing: Software Cybersecurity

Located on two campuses, the ENSIBS welcomes in its own buildings and especially in Lorient, in its new and modern offices for teaching and research laboratories.

The insitution maintains strong ties with companies, industrial groups, its network of alumni animated with the Association of Graduates, it trains engineers able to innovate and undertake. Member of the Conference of Directors of the Grandes Ecoles de Bretagne (CDGEB), it participates in the development of training and benefits from the synergy with the Grandes Ecoles of the region.

The students follow a balanced training course, tutorials and practices that combine scientific, technological and humanities and social sciences. The teaching emphasizes versatility and multidisciplinarity. The engineer is trained in project management, management and networking.