Schedule for Engineering degree programme in 5 years+

When should I register ?

This program is intended for all students after Secondary Education wishing to get an Engineering degree (master grade) in 5 years+ in France after Secondary Education.

One single period of application until end of October 2019 for an arrival in France on begining of March, 2020 with A2 level in French.

A A2 level in French is required before December 5, 2019 to confirm the project of study in France.

If the student does not have the A2 level in French before applying to "n+i", he can reach it by following courses locally (Alliance Française, etc.), or in France with the Extended Package of Linguistic Integration (Ext. PIL) for a tailor made duration, upon french level (upon request to n+i).


Engineering Degree in 5 years+ (master grade)

  • 27


    End of application (online), required documents must be uploaded

  • 12


    End of interviews and Publication of institutions offers to be answered by students before 17th of november

  • 5


    Reception of A2 level in French certificate (recommended: TCF 250pts equivalent) and payment of invoice (in full).
    Without the A2 certificate in French, the project of study will be cancelled.

  • 2020

  • MAR

    Arrival in France, begining of the "n+i" foundation period for 1 semester.

  • AUG

    End of the "n+i" foundation period.

  • SEP

    Beginning of the engineering degree training in 5 years (master grade). B2 level in French required.