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Master n+ ENSIL Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics

Official Title
Electronique et Télécommunication

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Course language
M1 M2
French French

The M1 section is taught by
The institute : ENSIL

The M2 section is taught by
The institute : ENSIL

Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics
Section M1

16, rue Atlantis
Parc Ester Technopole
BP 6804
87068 Limoges

Cost of M1
850 euros

Description M1
Semester M1-a
This is a transition semester that will take place in ENSTB, in Brest (a north-western city of France). There, you will improve your French skills and some basic courses will be given in French. You will also attend to the “normal” courses of department to experience a normal French speaking course. Some cultural activities are also included to prepare you to be integrated in French society and make friends.

Semester M1-b
At the end of January, you will come to ENSIL to follow the normal courses with French students. In the whole academic year there are about 300 hours of general courses like management, economics, communication skills, language, computer programming. There will be about 600 hours of specific courses that cover signal processing, electronic circuits, non –linear electronics, digital circuits, VHDL programming, Microprocessors, networks, analog and digital communications, optics, electromagnetics and antenna. There are also practical labs for almost all the mentioned courses.
Since you are coming to ENSIL in the second semester, you will follow just half of the courses. At the end of the semester, you will go for training for 2-4 months. ENSIL will help you to integrate French companies for internship.

Scholarships M1

Period 1
September - January Language Hours* Credits*
Note: a part of (or all) the M1-Period 1 will be replaced by a "n+i" special package designed for foreign student.
See the Methodology Integration Package (PIM) for more informations.
Communication fr 24.00 2.00
Foreign language 1 (English) en 36.00 2.00
Foreign Language 2 (Deutsch or Spanish) fr 24.00 2.00
Automated systems fr 24.00 2.00
Regulation fr 12.00 1.00
Project Management fr 15.00 1.00
technical Project fr 0.00 2.00
Digital signal processing fr 36.00 2.00
Microprocessors fr 25.00 2.00
Digital Circuits Design VHDL fr 36.00 3.00
Guided propagation fr 16.00 1.00
Networks fr 33.00 2.00
Analog and Digital communications fr 46.00 3.00
Object Oriented programming fr 31.00 2.00
Electronic fr 61.00 3.00
Period 2
February - May Language Hours* Credits*
Foreign Language 1 (English) fr 12.00 1.00
Information Technology fr 27.00 1.00
Data base fr 18.00 1.00
Quality tools /reliability fr 24.00 1.00
industrial ecology fr 15.00 0.50
Financial Mathematics fr 12.00 0.50
Accounting fr 12.00 1.00
Telecommunication Circuits fr 30.00 2.00
Opto-electronics fr 18.00 2.00
Antenna and propagation fr 24.00 2.00
Digital signal processing 2 fr 40.00 2.00
Micro-opto-electronics fr 49.00 2.00
Computer Aided Design fr 15.00 1.00
Microwave Lab fr 18.00 1.00
Technical Project fr 0.00 2.00
Period 3
June - August Language Hours* Credits*
Internship fr 0.00 10.00

* The number of course hours may be subjected to slight variations.
* More informations about ECTS credits.
Section M2

16, rue Atlantis
Parc Ester Technopole
BP 6804
87068 Limoges

Cost of M2
850 euros

Description M2
Semester M2-a
The courses begin from September to March. You have this year some advances courses on electronics and communication engineering together with a project. Some talks will be given by industrial engineeris to put you in the state-of-the-art of electrical engineering. In this semester, there are 6 different modules in which you select 2. Therefore you choose the specialization that seems to be adapted with your interests: Network, telecommunications systems, embedded systems, e-health and related topics, physics of electronics, antennas.
Semester M2-b
The last semester is a 6-month internship in industry. Ensil will help you to find a convenient company for your internship. This period is very important for your future job and sometimes you are directly hired by the company at the end of your training depending of your performance and the job availability.

Scholarships M2

Period 1
October - March Language Hours* Credits*
Foreign Language 1 (English) en 24.00 2.00
Project management fr 16.00 0.50
Industrial marketing fr 36.00 1.50
Business organization and management fr 16.00 0.50
Technical watch, innovation, industrial properties fr 16.00 0.50
Safety and industrial risk control fr 16.00 1.00
Quality fr 12.00 1.00
Commercial law fr 20.00 1.00
Microwave circuits and lab fr 42.00 2.00
Digital signal processing fr 46.00 3.00
Advance digital circuits design VHDL Lab fr 14.00 1.00
Advance network fr 108.00 4.00
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) fr 34.00 2.00
Technical project fr 0.00 4.00
Elective courses, choose 2 in "modules"
DSP for telecommunications fr 56.00 3.00
telecommunications and Networks fr 54.00 3.00
Microelectronics and device fr 66.00 3.00
Propagations and Antenna fr 54.00 3.00
Embedded and real time systems fr 60.00 3.00
E-Health fr 60.00 3.00
Period 2
April - August Language Hours* Credits*
Internship other 0.00 30.00

* The number of course hours may be subjected to slight variations.
* More informations about ECTS credits.