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This year, "n+i" students from batch 2016 were invited to participate to a Competition of Testimonies.

Participants had the choice to present their "n+i" personal experience the way they would like to, through a video, a poem, music, drawing, comics, etc.
Among the proposal received, the jury selected 5 finalists.

The first Prize "n+i" - Société Générale of €1000 was awarded to Mr ZHAKEYEV Azamat from Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan), student in ENSMM.

Two second Prize "n+i" - Société Générale of €500 were awarded to Ms BORRERO Catalina from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) student in ENSAIA and Mr ABO SALEH Mahmoud from Zirve University (Syria) student in Polytech Nantes.

April international awarded a "special Prize of the jury" of €500 to Ms ZHANG Qian from China Three Gorges University (China) student in EISTI.

Network "n+i" awarded a "special prize from the Director of Network n+i" of €250 to Ms LUO Yiyi from Wuhan University (China) student in EPF, here is her testimony (drawing)

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