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INSA Strasbourg is a Grande Ecole for engineers and architects and has the status of en EPSCP, a public scientific, cultural or professional establishment. The school was created in 1875 and became part of the INSA network in 2003, joining the four other members : Lyon, Rennes, Rouen and Toulouse.

In 2009, INSA Strasbourg was ranked th 7th out of 67 French engineering schools offering a 5-jear curriculum (L'Etudiant magazine) and is the only engineering school in France that also provides a curriculum for architects.

INSA Strasbourg's missions :

  • to train engineers and architects (www.insa-strasbourg.fr/fr/programmes/
  • to realize scientific and technological research;
  • to engage in vocational training and the dissemination of scientific and technical culture


INSA Strasbourg is accredited to award 7

INSA Strasbourg hat 1,400 students in 7 specialist engineering programmes (mechanical engineering, plasturgy, mecatronics, civil engineering, topography, energy and environmental engineering and electrical engineering) and an architectural curriculum.

INSA Strasbourg is accredited to award three Masters degree :

  • materials concentrations : surface engineering
  • urban development and planning concentration : urban projects, architecture and structure


Research at INSA Strasbourg is conducted by 5 laboratories and research teams and is focused on sciences for engineering and architecture.

INSA Strasbourg research laboratories comprise the following:

  • Design Engineering (L.Géco)
  • Architecture, Urban Morphogenesis and Project (Amup)
  • Architectural Photogrammetry and Geomatics (Page)
  • Photonic Systems Laboratory (LSP)
  • Electrical Engineering Research (Erge)

INSA Strasbourg has partnerships with three technological platforms (PFT):

  • the hydraulics technological platform (PFT hydraulique
  • the high-speed machining technological platform (PFT productique UGV)
  • the plasturgy technological platform (PFT extrusion)

INSA Strasbourg also has two internal plaforms which are used both as resouce centers for teaching and for R&D work :

  • The Environmental engineering platform
  • The Mechanical platform

Some 30 students are doing the PhDs in the school's laboratories.



Strasbourg, European Capital

INSA Strasbourg is located in the city of Strasbourg, an important university city, with a student population of around 45,000, 20% of whom come from abroad. The city also has over 100 public and private research laboratories.

Strasbourg is also a European city and a business center of considerable importance.

It is the seat of the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. With Geneva and New York, it is also one of the only citiies in the world to be home to international organizations without being a capital.

the region boasts a number of different industries, ranging, for example, from car production (Peugeot), mechanical engineering (Timken) and food and drink (Mars, Wrignley, Kronenbourg) to textile (DMC), electronics (Alcatel) and pharmaceuticals (Lilly, Novartis).

Located on the border with Germany, Strasbourg enjoys a dual culture and has developed considerable crossborder relations.

The city contains a multitude of architectural gems and has a rich cultural life, making it a particularly pleasant place to live in. Paris is only 2 hours 20 minutes away by TGV high-speed train, and Switzerland a 60-minute drive or train ride.


Strong points :

  • A network of 5 INSA schools in Lyon, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulouse
  • A network of alumni of over 10.000 engineers (60.000 with the INSA network)
  • 1rst ranked engineering school in Alsace in terms of size
  • 100 % of students have a stay abroad lasting from three to twelve months as part of their curriculum, for studies, research or in an intership
  • strong links to industry




Professional Network

Tailored solutions for industry

INSA - entreprise is a branch of INSA Strasbourg that sets up partnership with companies of all sizes and needs. There are many facets to these partnerships, including internships, technological research projects, end-of-year assignments, and transfert, development and research contracts.

INSA - entreprise is the gateway for companies, offering tailor-made technical, financial and legal solutions to specific corporate needs. Each partnership is unique, offering multiple two-way benefits.

The vocational training centre provides development training for company employees, with courses culminating in a diploma or other qualification, in line with corporate needs. The centre is based on the INSA Strasbourg research laboratories and works in partnership with other vocational training organisations.

Companies working with INSA also benefit from all the institute's partner networks.

Facts and figures :

75 contracts per year, of which 50 % with SMEs

31% increase in apprenticeship tax over the last 5 years

120 companies were met in 2007, half of them in their premises

198 trainees in vocational training in 2007

1 training course in entrepreuneurship open to all 5-th year students or recent graduates



INSA Strasbourg is member of the n+i network since 8 years and has so far welcomed students in the field of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and architecture.

Please note that as far as architecture studies are concerned, it is only possible to apply for students who already have a Master\'s degree in architecture !

Important Dates

Average students costs :

For nplusi students the academic costs at INSA Strasbourg is about 1500 Euros in the firs year and about 1000 Euros in the second year.

Accomodation costs about 200 Euros/months and for meals at the university restaurant the student has to pay about 2,85 Euros per meal. the season ticket for transport is about 22 Euros monthly.


Available master
Student Life

Using the library :

The library : The INSA library contains specialized information sources (books, audiovisual, computerized catalogue) covering a wide variety of scientific and technical fields, for use by students, teachers and researchers.

  • Seating for 80 people
  • 4 computers for document retrieval
  • Book lending
  • Document retrieval assistance
  • Photocopying facilities

Health :

The school has a health centre with a qualified nurse, whose role is to provied health guidance. She is the health referral agent for both students and staff.

Cultural programme

The International Relations department organises cultural events and excursions for exchange students: visiting the city, the Euopean Parliament, the Christmas party, etc.

The school is also part of the Young Ambassadors programme set up by local authorities and five other higher-education institutes in the city.

The initiative allows foreign students to meet local politicians, businessman and scientists during conferences organized, for example, by members of parliament, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the director of the Rhine Opera, etc. The programmes includes visits to local companies.

Sport and associations

The INSA student office organizes students life and proviedes an umbrella for student clubs (sports clubs, cultural activities, parties, etc.).

Students can also use the SIUAPS (Service interuniversitaire des activités physiques et sportives) sports facilities)

- Sports activities for all students and staff of the Strasbourg campus



Finding accomodations

The International Relations department will help you find accomodations. Reasonably-priced university accomodations are available as follows (2008 prices)

Room with no washing or toilet facilities : about 200 euros/month

Room with wasing and toilet facilities : about 250 euros/month

Studio of between 15 and 34 m2 : between 255 an,d 355 euros/month

Once you have received your letter of acceptance, please contact the International Relations department as promptly as possible to reserve your room.



Accommodation fees
Some figures

INSA Strasbourg's student body currently comprises about 12% foreign students, with over 30 nationalities represented (2008). 1/3 of these students stay at INSA Strasbourg as part of a partnership between the school and their original institution or through an exchange programme such as Erasmus, Brafitec, Arftitech, Chilfitec, Mexfitec, UFA or Crepuq.

Partnership with n+i

INSA Strasbourg is located within the Upper Rhine area and is looking to forge closer relations with its crossborder partners. A French-German class has been set up to allow bilingual graduates to continue their engineering or architectural studies. The school's  international development is driven by partnerships within several networks, such as INSA, nplusi, Alsace Tech (an association of nine Alsatian engineering and management schools).

Students at INSA Strasbourg have an obligatory stay abroad of at least 3 months. About 60 cooperation agreements have been signed with higher eduction institutions abroad, while the school also has a network of around 1000 corporate partners worldwide. On average, students spend 4.5 months abroad.



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